About Us

Based in San Carlos, California, MID-PENINSULA CORVETTES is celebrating thirty-six years of Corvette pride. The club got started as the result of two Corvette owners wanting to meet people with the same interests and pride of ownership that they had for their cars. They decided to place an ad in the local newspaper. Thirteen people showed up for an informal meeting. That was the humble beginning, but so much interest was shown that about one month later, on July 4, 1986 the club became a sanctioned reality.

The first couple of meetings were dedicated to getting everyone’s thoughts and ideas on the direction of the club. A board of directors was voted into office to focus on the business end of running a club and more importantly to decide the types of social functions that would generate a great deal of enthusiasm and camaraderie. The by-laws had to be established and decided on as the basis for everything involving the club. The primary goal is to have fun. The secondary goal is to promote “CORVETTEing”, (verb; to air-out one’s Corvette, preferably in large groups.)

Now at the ripe old age of thirty-six years, we have about 35 members. A note of interest; other than that first ad in 1986, MID-PENINSULA CORVETTES has never advertised for new members. The reputation of the club and the enthusiasm and dedication of its members are the means for attracting new members as well as the reason for the club’s longevity.

Once a month we produce “Vette Views”, our club newsletter. This newsletter is the heart and soul of the club allowing us to summarize recent events and announce upcoming happenings. We have a business meeting and at least one social event each month, rain or shine.

Visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings, business or otherwise!